About Us

Who am I and why should you trust my articles and opinions about the Scottish Fold cat? Well, after I left home for University I moved to another city 200 miles away (or ~330 km). My parents were home alone so they decided it would be a good idea to buy a Scottish Fold cat. Actually, it was my mother’s idea because my father would never accept having a pet in the house. My mother ordered the cat and it was a big surprise for him. He was put in front of the Scottish Fold cat so he didn’t and couldn’t say anything. He quickly accepted the idea and now they both love this exceptional cat.

My parents aren’t into blogging or sharing content on the internet. It was my idea to create a blog where we can share our experience of having a Scottish Fold cat and other relevant information. Now, we have about 70 articles on this website, mostly dedicated to the Scottish Fold cat, but also some others about related breeds like British Shorthair, American Curl and other cats with curly years.

I hope someone will find this information useful. Here are some pics with our Scottish Fold cat (yes, it’s a girl) from different stages of life. We bought when she was 3 or 4 weeks old. Now she’s having the 2nd birthday party.