The Cat Owner’s Manual – My suggestions

Why have an owner manual?

I spent a lot of time with different breeds of cats. Most breeds are unique and there aren’t any general rules for all of them. If you want your cat to live good and have a healthy life you must take good care of her. Particularly, Scottish Folds require special care due to their known health problems.

I found that most of the time, it’s a great idea to get a book specific to the breed of the cat. You can find all sorts of information online, and especially with this site we want to help the Scottish fold owner, but a good owners book can give you better insights about the cat. A book is more advanced and can provide detailed information. I saw the most useful tips at this sections of the owners manual:

  • How to feed your cat?
  • What to feed your cat?
  • How to take care of her?
  • How to bathe your cat?
  • Is my cat sick? What symptoms does the specific breed have?
  • How to take care of special medical problems depending on the breed.

I’ve read many owners manuals about different breeds and I could recommend some of them depending on the breed. You can click the links below to check their current price and if you are interested you can acquire them. I always think it’s a great decision especially if you didn’t own a cat before but even if you are an experienced cat owner you can find some great tips and tricks there.

Cutting corners with your cat doesn’t work. You need to take proper care of your cat and be responsible. Your cat is not a toy!

Please see below the owner’s manuals:

For recommended gear, visit our dedicated page here: RECOMMENDED GEAR

If your cat is spraying and you can’t figure out a way to stop this behaviour, here is a great course on this topic.

Also, one of my favorite video courses on cats is the Cat Language Bible. The information in this course applies to all breeds including the Scottish Fold and the British Shorthair. Your cat is more than a simple companion, your cat is your closest friend. Maintaining a close spiritual connection with your cat is important for both you and your cat. If something can help you to understand and communicate with your cat better it is this course. And the way this course is presented is incredible. Jonas Jurgella, the creator of this course, does such a good job explaining the cat behavior. Check it out here.

Hope you will find some great use in these books. Take a good care of your cat and you will have more time to spend with him/her.