Do Scottish Folds and Dogs get along? What breeds?

Are you thinking about getting a Scottish Fold, but all you hear are descriptions of their cute folded ears? If you already own other pets, this article can help you decide whether a Fold fits into your household or not. We will go over their personality traits to show you how adaptable they are. There is more to these unique creatures than roundness and folds.

Scottish Fold Personality

The first thing you should know is that Folds are genuinely friendly and laid-back cats. They love to play, to sleep and cuddle in any given circumstance.

They gained popularity as mild, soft-spoken and intelligent cats. Scottish Folds like their puzzle games and challenges, but also a quiet time next to their owner. Because they are so adaptable, they make the perfect cat for any type of home. If you have a big family with noisy children or a pack of dogs roaming around, no problem.

They love to play with kids and do not mind loud environments. Folds can elegantly phase out the noise. What is more, you can carry them around when traveling and they will not complain.

scottish fold cat and dog

Do Scottish Folds get along with Dogs?

YES, definitely yes. Of course, you need to remember that each cat is different no matter the breed. However, Folds are generally accepting of anyone around, including dogs.

But to make sure that your pets get along, you need to make a proper introduction. Much like people who form habits in the early years, cats will respond better to a dog when they’re little. This does not mean that older cats cannot learn to accept a dog pal.

The rate of success when moving a Fold and a dog together depends a lot on your patience and dedication to make the transition smooth. Once you mastered this step, they will be best friends.

How to make a Scottish Fold adapt to a Dog?

Although you are dying to see how they react when they meet, here’s some advice and tips on how to handle it:

#Don’t rush it – you might scare any or both of them. Plus if your dog is big and things get aggressive, it may end badly.

Prepare beforehand all your new cat needs: litter tray in a good spot, food, and water, space to sleep or play. When first arriving home, give your Fold time to know the area. You can watch their behavior and see how comfortable they are. If the cat is cautiously sniffing and exploring, give it a couple of days away from your dog.

#Familiarize them with each other’s scent – before they come face to face, a pre-sniff could ease things. Use a toy of your dog or a brush you use on it and bring it to the cat. After smelling the object, give your Fold a treat. This way a positive connection is made.

#Let the Scottish Fold explore the house – it will encounter dog hair and specific smell. Chances are, even the dog itself. But if this happens, you need to be around for an intervention. A scared cat in front of a dog that already lives there could be intimidating.

#Let the dog sniff the cat – do this in a safe manner. Hold the cat in your lap while guarding it with your arms. Allow the dog to come closer, smell and lick. If it gets too excited, your kitten might be frightened. Be ready to push the dog away or calm it down.

#Find common ground – finally put them together in a room or play area. Be there to supervise and stop your dog from chasing the poor Fold.

Even if it takes days or weeks to gradually get them to accept each other, do not rush. Tough love does not work on pets. On the contrary, they might have such a negative experience that you’ll never get them in the same room again.

puppy and cat

How to make a dog adapt to a Scottish Fold?

Maybe you already own a Scottish Fold and decided to bring a fellow dog home. The situation may differ a bit from the previous one because cats are territorial. A new pet can often be perceived as an intruder. Scottish Folds, however, are sweet tempered and very accepting. Still, do not force things.

Follow these tips:

#Know the dog first – before adopting a doggo, get acquainted for a while. If the dog is friendly and happy, it will fit better with your owner-of-the-house Fold. Go for a dog breed that is known for their gentle and open nature. Pups are also a good option and they will grow with your Fold on their side.

#Size of the dog – a big dog can be scary and strong in case of a bad encounter. You want to lower the chances of unhappy situations.

#Get the dog familiar with the house first – this goes both ways. A dog in a new home is curious and cautious. Let him explore the rooms, the yard and possible toys you have for it.

#Bring your dog a sample of the Fold’s smell – let them sniff a blanket or toy your cat uses. Serve it treats as it goes on exploring the cat object. It will teach your dog that the smell is a positive one.

#Use a leash – the first encounter is safer with a leash on the dog. Your Scottish Fold should be curious as well and try to get close. Keeping the dog in a leash allows you to control any outbursts.

Final tips on how to stimulate a positive relationship between your Fold and your dog:

  • Try to have separate spaces that belong to each of them. They will be able to go there for a timeout.
  • Give them access to the outdoors. Your cat needs a small kitty door, but your dog will definitely use a larger one.
  • Train them to behave well and answer to commands. You can keep them separated when the case.
  • Study their behavior to see if they really are friends or just keep it skeptical.
  • Set some limits on how they interact. Eventually, one is bound to do something the other hates.

Bonus! Dog breeds that go well with cats and Scottish Folds in particular:

  • Basset Hound
  • Beagle
  • Collie
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Pug
  • Bulldog

These are generally considered soft and sociable dogs. They accept companions and act as protectors to them. In the end, any dog can befriend a cat as long as they grow together or receive a proper introduction.

Truth is no pet is like another, so you need to work on some skills to make them friends. Remember: patience and perseverance will get you there and ensure harmony in your home.

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