Best Brush for a Scottish Fold – Fur care for your Scottish Fold

Fur care for your Scottish Fold

What is the best brush for the dense fur of your companion!?

Cats need grooming, there’s no arguing there. The most common grooming activity is brushing, and Scottish Folds make no exception. Brushing your cat is not only a service to them but to you as well. How you ask!? Because one of the best traits of your pet is the fluffy fur.

Keeping their coat shiny and healthy means better petting experiences. Not to mention that you will win on the cleaning front in your home. But what brush is best for your Spoiled Fold!?  Let’s dive into cat brush paradise and have a look!

Scottish Fold coat styles & traits

Scottish Fold cats come in many colors and shapes. And who doesn’t like diversity!? From short to long fluffy locks, they all need proper grooming.

The most common Scottish Fold coat is the short-haired one, but if you are craving fluff, there is also the long-haired. The colors, however, can vary greatly from one cat to another.

However, even with a short-haired cat, your job is not simpler. The Scottish Folds have a very dense fur. This equals to work and maintenance to keep your cat in mint condition. Regular brushing and cleaning is the key to a healthy and happy cat.

Moreover, Scottish Folds didn’t make the cut for the cool group of hypo-allergenic cats. In simpler words, these cats carry the allergenic protein, and their hair supports the spreading of it. If you know yourself to be allergic to cat hair, revisit your cat choices!

Grooming needs of a Scottish Fold

The grooming needs of Scottish Folds vary slightly from short- to long-haired ones.

Long Coat

Long coat – This requires more brushing than the average cat. Starting at 2 times per week, you can even do as many as brushing 4 times weekly.

During spring and fall, when they shed more than usual, you will need to brush some more. The long hair, if neglected, will quickly spread around the house and produce entire fluff mats.

Also, if you allow your Scottish Fold to spend time outdoors, you will need to brush them more often as well.

Yet, compared to other breeds of long-haired cats, Scottish Folds are fairly low-maintenance.

Short coat

Short coat – The short-haired ones are easy for you. They will need weekly brushing to keep the shine, but once a week should be enough.

However, don’t relax too much and skip on the weekly combing. Their dense fur will store all kinds of dirt and debris. If you fail to eliminate the dirt constantly, your cat will be in poor health. The impurities and bacteria affect not only their skin but also your own health. We’ll assume that you sleep with your cat close, and you enjoy the occasional face dip in their fluffy fur. No judgment there!

If your short-haired cat spends time outside, then frequent brushing is needed and more so in the shedding seasons of spring and fall.

But, if you have an indoor cat, then you can relax a tad because the Scottish Folds tend to shed evenly over the year.

Advice: Stay consistent with the brushing schedule of your Scottish Fold. It will prevent potential health problems for both of you.

What is the best brush for your dear Scottish Fold!?

You thought this would be easy, right!? Just walk into a pet store, go to the kitty section, and grab a brush or comb that you like in color and design. Well, not so fast, my friend!

Grooming tools come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and have different specifications. You need first to consider the kind of coat your cat has. Then think about how much they shed and what is it you need to address.

Here are a few brush types for cats:

Dual-sided brush

Dual-sided brush: This one is suitable for short- and medium-haired cats. If you have a short-haired Scottish Fold, then this might be the brush for you. It has two sides with different bristles.  One side has teeth for removing excess hair and massaging the skin. The other side is a soft bristle brush that makes the hair smooth and spreads natural oils. You can alternate the two sides when brushing.

Slicker brush

Slicker brush: This one is for medium- and long-haired cats. It has thin teeth placed on a curved brush head. It is not so much for massaging but for removing hair, dirt, and dead cells.

For a long-haired Scottish Fold, this brush is recommended. It prevents matting that is typical of Scottish Folds with long coats.

Shedding Comb

Shedding comb: You guessed it; it removes hair and tangles. Used mostly during the shedding season, this comb comes in two versions. The Poodle comb has thin and spread-apart teeth for your long-haired Scottish Fold. The Greyhound comb has the same thin teeth but placed closer together. This version is ideal for your short-haired Scottish Fold.

Mitt brush

Mitt brush: This one has been on the market a long time and is quite common among cat owners. It is a rubber glove similar to oven mitts with small, rubber brushing teeth on one side. You can put this on and give your Scottish Fold a good time. It doesn’t remove hair and dirt from deep under, mostly just the dead hair on the surface. However, most cats enjoy the smooth massage, so you won’t have to fight them. It is suitable for all kinds of coats but works best on short fur.


Matbreakers: This is not so much a brush but a device for removing hair mats from your long-haired Scottish Fold. Instead of teeth, this one has long, slender blades. It removes the hair without causing stress to the rest of the coat.

These are just a few examples of brushes that can help you keep your cat glamorous. If you plan on giving your Scottish Fold an all-inclusive body treatment, then we advise some in-depth research. Your veterinarian definitely can make recommendations and help you with brushing techniques.

How to clean your Scottish Fold’s brush!?

Keeping your cat clean is not enough. After brushing, the brush itself needs some cleaning too. One in a while, you need to remove all the dirt gathered in the brush. Otherwise, the entire mix of bacteria, dead cells, and hair will go back to touch your cat’s skin again and again. To prevent infections or other issues, it is best to clean the brush.

  1. With your hand, remove most of the hair that stuck to the brush over time.
  2. Use a solution made from water and vinegar or shampoo.
  3. Pour the solution in a large bowl.
  4. Soak the cat brush into the bowl and make sure it is fully covered in solution. If the brush has fabric parts, try to avoid getting them wet. In time, it might produce mold if not properly dried.
  5. Leave for 5 to 30 minutes to soak.
  6. Remove it and rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all the dirt and shampoo residue.
  7. (optional) Spray a disinfectant on to keep germs at bay until the next cleaning.
  8. Leave it to dry completely before using it on your cat.

Best cat brushes

Take a look at the top picks by Business Insider. I’ve put a link to Amazon so you can check the current price fast.

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Cats

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Cats

FURminator deShedding Tool – Coming into 1st position overall. This is more than a brush, it is a tool that managed to get under your cat’s coat. You can remove hair before shedding which means no more hair flying around.

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush: The best slicker brush with thin pins that retract. It prevents hairballs and gives the coat a natural shine.

GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting Comb: The best comb for mats removal. It is designed for all types of coats and can be used on both cats and dogs. It removes tangles and is gentle on the cat’s skin.

Asking whether to brush your Scottish Fold or not!? This is not a multiple-choice question. The answer is always to brush. Stay happy by being dedicated to your Scottish Fold’s brushing schedule. No more hair floating around your home, no more fluffy clothes, and fewer visits to the vet.

How long has it been since your Scottish Fold’s last brushing session!?

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