Best Scottish Fold Names – Choosing a name for your Scottish Fold kitten

The first thing to do after welcoming your new Scottish Fold into your home

Scottish Folds are balanced cats with awesome personalities. They fit right into your house and family regardless of size. That goes for both the family and home space.

After you express your excitement and enjoy the initial feeling of happiness, you have some work to do. This is finding a name for your long-term companion. As thrilling as it is to have the freedom of choosing whatever name you like, it is not easy.

Let’s see how to approach the name finding situation. What are the best names for your Scottish Fold? Or the most popular? Or the most suitable for both you and the cat?

scottish fold names

How to choose a name for your Scottish Fold

Probably the first thing you will want to do after bringing your Scottish Fold kitten home is to name it. We know the temptation is strong to do it immediately. Yet, it is better to give yourself some time to choose a name.

  1. Observe your new pet; learn about their personality and cute little quirks.

Scottish Folds have great personalities. They are adaptable and unpretentious. While they are very affectionate and like just to sit with you, they also are energetic. Chances are you will have an active, playful cat. Very intelligent also, Scottish Folds like games that puzzle and challenge them.

Although they seek attention and do not like to spend time alone too much, they are low maintenance. Most often, Scottish Folds get attached to the one person in the house that cares the most for them. This does not mean that other family members will be ignored.     Despite all these general qualities, all cats are not the same even if they belong to the same breed and share some common traits.

A word of advice is to treat your cat as a unique being and give it time to become comfortable.

Right after bringing them home, cats might be timid and explore cautiously. They need to get acquainted with the place and smell and make sure they are in no danger. Only after doing so, they will reveal their true colors. This is one good reason to have patience and keep an eye on them.

Once you learn about the weird but lovable quirks, you can start thinking about a name that matches their personality.

An idea of a name could be related to:

  • A funny position they like to sit in
  • A habit you observe on them (e.g. sleeping belly up, placing their head on top of yours, purring only when staying on your pillow, meowing after eating, sleeping in the sink or drinking water from the tap, etc.)
  • A preference for smells or foods
  • A certain game they enjoy to play
  • A toy they love and so on.
  1. Match the name with their appearance

Scottish Folds come in all coat colors and patterns. In addition, their trademark folded ears differ. Some cats have one slight fold, while others have 3-fold ears so tight near their heads that they look earless. They usually have different colored-eyes, paws, a muzzle, and ears of a rounded shape and tail tips. Draw some inspiration from their color, shape, or general look and you might get a winning name.

  1. Learn about the history of the breed and find some clues in there.

All Scottish Folds have one great ancestor from Scotland. Easy to guess where the name of the breed comes from. Susie was the name of the first found folded ears cat. She gave birth to a litter of kittens passing on the ear gene. From there on, breeders have crossed different Scottish Folds and have given us the diversity we have today.

More in-depth research on the breed you love can reveal stories that might inspire a name for yours.

  1. Cross your passions or memories with your Scottish Fold’s qualities

Often people choose names because they belong to characters, games, books, movies, singers, etc. that they love. Basically, pop culture is a big inspiration pool for many popular cat names.

Either this can be used or you can bring back some good memories of your own. If you have moments in time that struck a chord with you or people that made an impact on you, use them. Your Scottish Fold should be with you for a long time to come and trigger some special feelings.

Keep in mind that the name should reflect your cat as well, not only your own likings. If the name doesn’t sit well with your cat, be sure that you will know. Try also to avoid offensive, diminishing names or ones charged with political meaning. It is both disrespectful to your loved pet as it is inappropriate in some public circumstances.

  1. Search for name ideas.

You can Google it, check baby name books, or ask around for ideas.

The World Wide Web is not called this for no good reason. You can literally find anything you like out there. Cat names are organized by gender, breed, popular demand, parts of the world – you name it!

Last but not least, there’s always the cat name generator that can give you tons of ideas. Worry not; you will not be in a rut when it comes to cat names.

  1. After you’ve put together a decent list of names, you just need to narrow it down.

Discuss it with your partner, family member(s), or close friends or think what rings best for you.

Have some trial runs with your Scottish Fold and call it different names. See how they react. Some cats will purr or make a loud meow if they hear a sound that is appealing.

Science has a say in this too! It is proven that cats respond better to certain voice sounds. They pay attention to high-pitched sounds similar to their meows. Also, not discriminating, but they respond better to women voices than male. Thus, you could consider a name that contains the long “e” vowel to make it appealing.

Popular Scottish Fold names by public choice

On the Scottish Fold front, cat owners seem to go for these top 3 names:

Female: Maggie, Lucy, or Molly

Male: Scotty, Angus, or Max

People don’t always try to find unique or original names. Scotty seems to be one of the most frequently used names for a male Scottish Fold, go figure!

Additionally, here are some other names that proved popular in recent years for this breed:

  • Blair
  • Jacky
  • Milo
  • Malcolm
  • Mitch
  • Sima
  • Tipsy
  • Toby
  • Sienna
  • Tigger
  • Felix
  • Cleo
  • Zoey
  • Sushi
  • Jade
  • Oscar
  • Coco

Other ideas inspired by the owner’s hobbies and likes involve food names, sports, superheroes, or flowers. Here are some examples:

Pop culture inspired: Bella, Simba, Yoda, Buffy, Rey, Sansa, Arya.

Food inspired: Jellybean, Olive, Coconut, Cookie, Oreo, Biscuit, Taco, Waffles, Peach, Muffin, Potato.

Superhero inspired: Thor, Flash, Robin, Bruce, Loki, Zelda, Mario, Batman, Captain.

Flower inspired: Rose, Iris, Daisy, Poppy, Lyly, Belle, Tulip, Willow, Buttercup, Violet.

Finally, to give you a hand with your name search, try this extensive list offered by PetMD. You can filter your search by breed and/or gender. Who knows, maybe a name that sparks your interest pops up here.

No matter how you choose the name of your baby Scottish Fold, be sure you both love it. Don’t objectify your fellow companion because it will lower the quality of their life. Cats are just as sensitive to the surroundings as we are, and they need to develop healthily in a loving home. Have you decided on your Scottish Fold’s name yet?

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