Best Beds and Sleeping Tips for your Scottish Fold Cat

Cat beds – make sure your cat will sleep in it!

Does a cat ever sit where you want it to!? You wish. Cats are self-driven, confident and sole decision-makers of what they want to do. Despite their adaptable nature, Scottish Folds will use a cat bed as long as you choose it wisely.

We’ve put together a guide to help you in your quest of bed hunting for your Scottish Fold.

Top 3 best cat beds

Let us give you a hand choosing a suitable bed for your dear Scottish Fold. Based on user reviews, these are the 3 beds owner bought – cat approved:

No. 1 MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave – 100% handmade out of Merino wool, this bed is awesome for cats and kittens. Crafted with care and with an awesome design, cats seem to love the warmth and coziness of this bed.
It is antibacterial, safe and eco-friendly. You can use the vacuum to clean it and a soft, moist cloth to get rid of spots and stains. The Merino wool is an amazing material that allows air in and out, does not retain smell and keeps warm. You can buy it here.

No. 2 K&H Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed – this bed has a 2-layer design: 1st layer acts as insulation and 2nd layer reflects the heat back to the source aka your cat. It is made out cotton & poly on the outside and the filling is from recycled plastic bottles.
Eco-friendly, easy to wash and suitable for both cats and dogs. Your Scottish Fold would love it for the spare room to stretch. Find out more here.

No. 3 Smiling Paws Pets Unique 2-in-1 Cat Bed/Cat Condo & Cat House – if you want to play around and your cat tends to get bored, this bed turns from cozy bed to cat cube. It is made out of organic cotton and plush Sherpa lining and comes with toy pockets on the side.
It is so versatile, in winter the cube keeps the body heat of your pet circulating inside thanks to the thick Sherpa fibers. During summer, make it into a bed lounge and the cool air will circulate. It is machine washable, non-toxic and made from sustainable sourced materials. Take a look here!

What to look for in a cat bed?

Like all cats, the Scottish Fold spends a great deal of time sleeping, around 13 to 14 hours a day. If you cherish your bed, its size, comfy mattress, and silky sheets and would sleep nowhere else, your pet cat might disagree. So, take notice of the same things you would choose to make your bed the perfect sanctuary.

1. Size

Size does matter, bed wise. Cats do sit wherever they fit, so make sure they fit. Measure your buddy before going shopping from head to tail. If you have a kitten, don’t forget they will grow up to full-sized adult cats.

A Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat, thus the bed cannot be too small. But take into account your pet’s sleeping patterns and positions. If it sleeps curled up, a small to medium sized bed could work.

The Scottish Fold is well-known for the cute, but weird positions it likes to sit or sleep in.

Most often, it sleeps on its back with paws up. This means the cat will stretch beyond what your ruler measured. Choose a bed that is big enough to allow such positions and leaves some extra room left.

2. Style & shape

Comfort Curler (donut shaped) – even if your Scottish Fold needs room to stretch, like all cats, it feels comfortable in a secure, cozy place. Get one with side walls to assist your folded-ears cat in their start Buddha position.

The unusual position known as Buddha position has a Scottish Fold sitting with its hind legs stretches in front of the body and the front paws on their bellies. They will need some back support!

Cave-style bed – this is not only a bed but a shelter for your cat. If your cat prefers hidden places or with less light, consider buying one with a rooftop. Scottish Folds have the advantage of fitting through narrow places. Due to their lack of collarbone and a free-floating clavicle, these cats can make their way through spaces the size of their head. A bed with this style, with a small entrance hole, wouldn’t be a problem for them.

Tree-style bed – Some cats like to climb, some like a great view from up top, some don’t.

A Scottish Fold is great at climbing up but has some difficulties getting down. They cannot get down head first and need to back down. Give a second thought to buying a tree-style bed, your furry friends might decide to skip the trouble of getting down every time.

Also, this kind of bed takes up some space in your house. If you do not have the room, maybe say ‘No” to this one.

3. Comfort & health

Would you sleep on a mattress that keeps you uncomfortable and gives you back pain!? No, and neither does your cat. If the bed is not comfortable, they will choose to sleep in any other place around the house.
Nonetheless, choose a bed made from natural fabrics. Cotton, wool or feathers are best. They are soft and comfy at a touch and are no threat to your cat’s allergies.

4. Cleanliness

Your cat will sleep here, therefore fur, fleas and any bacteria carried on their bodies will transfer to the bed.

Scottish Folds have dense fur, some are short-haired, others long-haired. No matter their coat type, you will need to wash the bed on a regular basis. Also, they are cats that spend a lot of time cleaning and have a fantastic sense of smell. A cover that retains odors and is hard to clean will not get a chance with your Scottish Fold.

Choose a bed with removable covers and suitable for the washing machine. It will make your cat’s life better and yours easier.

5. Color & design

Your cat will not care about the color, so this one is for you. Choose something that you’ll love having in your house and that goes well with the style and design of your place.
As for bed decorations and accessories, we advise on a bed that is simple and uniform. Tassels, beads or any removable parts can become a hazard for your cat if chewed or swallowed.

Note: Whatever the bed style you choose, remember to take into account the weight of your cat as well, especially if it’s suspended. If the bed cannot sustain your pet, it might think it’s a trap and avoid it for good.

6. Price

This one is for you and your pocket. Your cat won’t care how much you paid for it, but you might.
It helps to set a budget before heading out the door and sticking to it as close as possible. The pet industry has an amazing range, from basic pads with a pillow to luxurious cat condos that will set their living standard to Meowllywood.
A simple cat bed starts as low as 20$ and can easily exceed 100$.

7. Cushioning

Pretty easy to guess this one. Cats love soft surfaces and almost all cat beds come with a cushion inside or integrated into the bed structure.
We humans need to sleep on mattresses that are not too soft to keep our backs from bad habitual positions. In essence, the same goes for cats. They need some degree of firmness of the bed. They swirl around, push with their paws so a solid understructure is required. Balance is key, find a bed that is not too soft or too hard for your lovely cat.
How to get your Scottish Fold to use the cat bed

All cat owners have experienced this at least once in a lifetime: the cat sleeps anywhere but the bed destined for them. How do we get them to sleep in our latest acquisition!?

Location, location, location

There is nothing more important than the place you choose to put the cat bed. Scottish Folds are not, typically, lap cats. They prefer to sleep beside you on a couch or bed. Positioning the bed somewhere close to where you use to sit when at home can prove successful. Also, observe where it usually like to sleep, that is a cue for placing the bed. If you want to experiment, move the bed around from time to time and see where they sit and where not. They will show you the spots, you just bring in the bed.

If you live in a multi-story house, you should consider getting a cat bed for every level.

A sunny & warm spot

Cats naturally seek for warm and sunny spots.
Try to place the bed in a place with natural light throughout the day, near a window or. Scottish Fold, like their brothers and sisters, loves a sunny place to sleep in.

Heat is a big “yes yes” for cats. During summer they’ll lay in the sun until they burn up, while in winter they will cozy up near the heater or the fireplace for hours. You know what you have to do, place the bed strategically in a heated place.

There’s always the option of a heated bed. You can find on the market cat beds designed with various heating systems like electricity, microwave or that trap the cat’s heat to warm up.
For a Scottish Fold that is prone to develop arthritis, a heated bed will help a lot with the pain.

A window perch is great because it catches all the light from outside and, often, room heaters are installed on the window wall. This means that heat will come up from under the perch in winter and through the window when sunny.

Make it appealing

Once you’ve placed the bed in a spot that your cat loves, entice it with some treats. Leave small amounts of treats she loves in the new bed or use some organic catnip.
If your cat has a favorite toy or object (pillow, blanket), put it in the bed.

Finally, consistently praise your pet for using the bed. Just as children respond to positive reinforcements, so do cats. They are creatures of habit and once they learn one (like sleeping in the new bed), you will need to actively maintain it.

Airplane & travel carriers: how to choose one for your cat

If you’ve traveled with your cat by plane so far, you already know there are regulations to follow. If you’re new to this, you will first and foremost need to find out your airline’s policy. Go online to read their website or give them a call.
An airline-approved carrier will keep you out of trouble at the airport. Secondly, your cat will be comfortable along the way and arrive safely at the destination.

Check out the best travel carriers on this post.

Cat-carrier features:

  • Made out of a hard and durable material
  • Designed to keep ventilated and allow the cat to breathe
  • Easy-access door with safe lock
  • Soft pad or pillow inside for comfort
  • Good size to leave your cat room to move

Check out these airline-approved cat beds to get a better idea.

Prepare your cat

Scottish Folds are active cats. During a long trip, they might become uncomfortable and unsettled.

In the previous month or weeks, start getting your cat ready. Let it spend time in the carrier and explore it. Make it comfortable on the inside with cushions and favorite toys.

Leave the carrier within reach of the cat, in places where she usually hangs. If your pet spends some time there, the smell will catch on and on the day of the trip, it will be familiar.

Close the door with the cat inside and maybe even take a few rides to get it comfortable with the motion and noise.

Tips and accessories that will come in handy when flying with your cat

Pee-Pads: If your trip takes hours, your pet will become restless. Not to mention the physiological needs. Pee pads are a savior when traveling long hours.

Cat harness: You will need to go through the security check with your cat out of the carrier. The noise and commotion in an airport will scare off your little pet, so a harness will help a great deal.

Single-use food servings: Easy to carry, only served once and disposable once consumed. It will make your life easier as your cat will beg for some food on arrival. Read more about Scottish Fold diet and food on this post.

When you opened the browser thinking you’ll research for 20 minutes and then go off shopping, you were in for a big surprise. Cat beds come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics. Pair that with the particular whims of your darling cat and you’re up for quite a challenge.

But in all seriousness, taking the time to research it will make a huge difference for both you and your cats comfort and well-being.

Away from home, they will sleep more during your time away. If you are home and engage them in games and exercising, they will sleep in between.

How much does a Scottish Fold Sleep?

Scottish Folds sleep around half of a 24-hour day. They do so in rounds, of course. All together Folds spend some 13-14 hours sleeping every day. Their time spent sleeping depends on outside factors as well. If you are mostly away from home, they will sleep more during your time away. If you are home and engage them in games and exercising, they will sleep in between.

Sleeping time

Like any other breed, Scottish Folds have certain patterns and behaviors. The same goes for their sleeping habits.

Generally, Folds are moderately active cats. They love playing, puzzle games and spending time with their dear owner. When you have friends over, your Scottish Fold will have no problem entertaining. They have funny moves, poses and make soft and cute sounds. On the other hand, they also spend a lot of time sleeping.

Sleeping habits

They don’t follow a schedule, that’s for sure. But you will learn that your Scottish Fold lies down and goes to sleep instantly no matter the situation. Do not be surprised when you are playing along and it decides to stop in a funny position and close their eyes.

Folds are also known for their lazy nature sometimes. When walking is too much for them or they decide it is overrated, these cats will just lay down flat. Many Scottish Fold owners, when talking their cats outside, carry them in a cat pouch or backpack. It is the lazy talking here!

Moreover, they don’t seem to mind the environment when sleeping. Even if they are in a noisy room or a large family inhabits your house with noisy children, they will sleep. The same goes for awake times: they are ok with a loud space as much as with a quiet place.

Sleeping positions

The positions that Scottish Folds lay in are one of their unique traits. They are also fun to watch when sitting or sleeping.

The most renowned posture is the so-called Buddha Position. Oftentimes, Folds sit on their bottom, much like humans. They keep their hind legs stretched out front, their belly up and their front paws resting on the belly. Rumor has it that what causes them bone stiffness in time, may also determine a certain degree of flexibility in the spine. The first instinct is to ask whether their backs hurt standing like that. Seems it actually helps them groom better and be comfortable.

When sleeping, they will not choose the common cat poses. If your regular cat curls up tight to sleep, your Fold will stretch on their backs. Their legs lie stretched as well. On the floor or on a couch or bed, regardless your Fold will lay as if in the sun. This position might help their backs relax.

If your Fold sleeps with you, she will be on top in weird positions depending on the arrangement. Another option is for them to lay flat on their bellies with the chin extended and the front paws on each side of the head.

Truth is it is fun to watch a Scottish Fold while sleeping. If you enjoy stalking your cat, you might catch some lovely images. It’s not cute only when fast asleep, but when they transition from one pose to another as well.

Think about it. What are your Scottish Fold’s sleeping habits?!

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