Scottish Fold Adoption: Process, Where, How

Where and how to get a Scottish Fold cat for your home

Are you looking to adopt a Scottish Fold and don’t know where to begin!? Let’s talk a bit about how, where and why to get a new ear-fold member for your family.

The Scottish Fold breed has been around for quite some time. Its’ recognition by cat associations or organizations made the official history of the breed shorter though.

But despite the various opinions of professionals, the Fold cats have won the hearts of pet lovers. The overload cuteness of a Fold cat has many enthusiasts chasing down breeders. Not to mention that they are willing to spend good money to have a loveable kitten for themselves.

scottish fold adoption process

Where do I find Scottish Fold breeders?

Choosing a breeder may not feel easy. It might feel especially so if you are new to this and have never dealt with picking up a purebred. With the world so big and free, it is right to assume that people will try to take advantage. This means that not all breeders follow codes of ethics and their drive is to make easy bucks.

Scottish Folds, in particular, are sensitive to bad breeding because of their dominant mutant gene. The same cute folded ears that are their trademark are the reason why some breeders might cheat.  Here are some ideas to guide your search:

  1. Breedlist website – here you can find information on a great number of breeders. Most of them are registered and verified ones. The site provides you with contact information on each breeder. Navigate through their websites to see the available cats, their overall practice and adoption experiences of past clients.

To help you further, the breeders are also categorized by region so you can look at those near you. If you are not in the US, no problem: some breeders also ship cats overseas, of course at an additional cost.

  1. CFA website – You can choose to go straight to the Cats Fanciers’ Association sit. You can find a list of registered breeders. Also, you can get extra information on the code of ethics for breeding, testing of purebred, descriptions of each breed, complete info on catteries and useful articles.

The site can help you learn more about the Scottish Fold and the implications of owning one.

scottish fold adoption

  1. TICA website – The International Cat Association is another authority on the cat breeding field. Their official website leads you to registered breeders. It gives you comprehensive information on each breed and advice on adopting from breeders. Similar to the CFA site, TICA helps you find breeders organized by US regions and Canada.

tica cat association

  1. Seek information on forums, blogs, and social media groups – stories from people who already went through the process are very handy and enlightening. It helps you prevent certain troubles or mistakes that put others under stress. Moreover, recommendations by word of mouth have proven to be the most efficient. People find other human sources more reliable than going to talk to a breeder.

Price of a Scottish Fold

Before starting a whole process of finding and talking to breeders, you should be aware of the costs:

  • Because of their unique trait (namely the folded ears) Fold kittens are not cheap. The mutant gene that produces the ears allows breeders to only cross non-folds to folds. The result is 50-50, meaning half the litter will have folded ears while the other half straight ears. This makes the typical Scottish Fold rare which increases the rates.
  • The extent of the fold is another factor. One-fold kittens will be cheaper than three-fold ones. The closer the ears lay on the head, the pricier.
  • Breeder reputation and experience is also an aspect. A breeder with more champion show cats under his umbrella will charge more.

Therefore, you can have a Fold cat for a price varying from 300$ to 1500$.

Can I adopt a Scottish Fold!?

There is always the option of adopting a homeless cat. People will always argue about the morality of paying a high price for a purebred. Truth be told, there are so many abandoned or homeless souls out there that would love you just as much. And if you still have your mind set on a Scottish Fold, you can still get one at the shelter. Probably you need to dig a little deeper though.

One helpful spot to look is the Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. It is a network for adopting Folds that have been rescued, abandoned or in danger of being homeless. It relies on volunteers including breeders, animal lovers, and professionals. The network can link you to Scottish Folds that need a new home. Although it is based in the US, you can get in touch and negotiate for a transfer.

Of course, there may be implications such as medical conditions, past accidents or trauma. But these cats will be just as loving, if not more, as a brand new kitten.

Why should I get a Scottish Fold!?

The main reason is that these cats are loving and easy-going. No matter your personality, the type of household you have or how big the family, this cat will fit. The beauty of the breed, besides the fabulous folded ears, is their adaptability.

They blend well with children, big families, with other pets, single individuals, in an apartment or backyard house. On the other hand, consider how often your house is empty before getting a Fold. They like attention and if you spend most of your day away from home it is not good for them.

If you decide you and a Scottish Fold are a good match, then rest assured they are low maintenance. As opposed to other picky breeds, these guys are relaxed about food, need medium grooming efforts and don’t go overboard with anything. Balance will set into your home!

What should I know before adopting a Scottish Fold!?

This is where you should pay attention when dealing with breeders. Be prepared to ask them questions and find out how ethical their breeding is. This will determine the health of your adopted pet.

  1. Check the flexibility of their legs and tail. There should be no sign of thickness or low mobility whatsoever.

The main problem that Scottish Folds face is severe arthritis or congenital osteodystrophy. The dominant gene that gives the folded ears is also responsible for inherited diseases. These affect the cartilage, bones, and joints of the cat. From early stages, you can observe stiffness in their legs, especially the hind legs, and tail.

Later in life, these cats will suffer from pain and lack of mobility which will reflect in their behavior. Less playing, a hard time using the litter box and avoiding high spots are some examples.

  1. Ears and cleanliness. Ask your breeder for tips on how to clean their ears. If they seem reluctant to answer or unsure of what they say, they might not do a great job breeding. An ethical one knows the implications of these cat’s genetics and avoids complications.
  2. The parents of the cat. Accepted breeding is one between a non-fold and a fold with 50% chances of getting kittens with folded ears. Also, crossing a Fold with a British or American Shorthair is a healthy and widespread way of producing Scottish Folds. Someone who breeds folds between them to obtain only folded-eared cats is to be avoided!
  3. Neutered or spayed. Any respectable breeder will offer you a neutered or spayed cat. For the sake of business, they will not sell on cats that can be further bred.
  4. Check this TICA guide to learn how to check that a cat from a certain breeder is legit.
  5. Straight ears. All Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears. Nothing to get scared about if you visit baby Folds in their first three weeks. Normally, the breeders show their cats after 12 weeks. That’s when they already know which cats have folded ears and the degree of the fold: single, double or triple. This will show in the price tag as well.

In order to have a healthy Scottish Fold, you need to make sure it is well bred from the start. This will be the first building block for raising a happy cat. After that, it comes down to how good an environment the Fold receives. Good nutrition, a loving owner and home, regular grooming and health care are the main elements that make a strong companionship.

If you’re ready to get a Scottish Fold cat, check out this guide that contains everything you should have prepared for your cat. Also, check out what’s the Scottish Fold’s diet and eating habits here.

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