Scottish Fold Vaccination – Everything You Should Know

Scottish Fold Vaccination Schedule

In the first months of life, vaccination is one of the most important aspects regarding your Scottish Folds health. Vaccines are special injection products that give the animal resistance against very serious, even incurable diseases.

CAUTION! Do not confuse an injection with a vaccine.
Depending on the health condition of your Scottish Fold, the veterinarian will establish a vaccination schedule for your Scottish Fold. In the first year of life of the kitten, more vaccines are made, then a multivalent vaccine is administered annually. (below, you also have the details of the vaccination process).

CAUTION! Do not vaccinate cats presenting health issues symptoms or pregnancy!

Between vaccinations

There are certain supplements you can give your Scottish Fold in order to recover faster after vaccination or between vaccinations. These supplements are called immuno support, as they help the immune system to recover. Lysine is one example of this type of supplement. I advise you to consult with your vet before administering your cat any type of supplements.

The first Vaccine

The first vaccine your Scottish Fold needs is done at the age of 9 weeks with the Nobivac Tricat vaccine (Intervet – The Netherlands) or equivalent.

This vaccine prevents 3 major viral diseases, often fatal and named: Panleucopenia Felina, Viral Felina Rinotracheitis and Felin Caliciviroza.

Each dose contains at least 4.5 log(10) TCID50 (infective 50 tissue culture tissue dose) of the FVR virus strain G2620A, at least 4.5 log(10) PFU (plate formant units) of FCV F9 strain F9 and at least 4.5 log(10) TCID50 from Bristol attenuated strain of FPL virus.

scottish fold vaccinations

The second Vaccine

The second vaccine: revaccination with the same Nobivac-Tricat that is done 3 weeks later (ie at 12 weeks).

Revaccination is the process of administering a vaccine to a pet previously vaccinated, with a smaller amount of vaccine to boost and prolong the immunity given by the initial vaccination.

The second Vaccine – Possible situations

1. If the Scottish Fold cat is already 10 weeks old then the second vaccine will be at the age of 13 weeks.

2. If the Scottish Fold cat is 10 weeks old and has no vaccine, then the first straight vaccine (Nobivac-Tricat or equivalent) is performed and the same vaccine is repeated at the age of 13 weeks, ie Nobivac – Tricat)

The Third Vaccine

The third vaccine is Nobivac® Rabies (or equivalent) that is given to cats in order to prevent rabies disease. This vaccine will be given at the same time as the last vaccine (the second one mentioned in the previous paragraph).

Next vaccines

The next vaccine will be given after one year, and this vaccine will be represented by Nobivac® Tricat and Nobivac® Rabies (or equivalent) that are made together, so you will not have to take 2 or more visits to your veterinarian.

Other vaccines

Depending on your country, geographical position, regulations and other environmental conditions, you may need to take additional vaccines to protect your Scottish Fold from local diseases. Always consult with your vet about what’s best for your cat.


In order to protect your cat from various diseases, you will need to consult with your vet and determine the appropriate vaccination schedule for your Scottish Fold. Never administer any supplements vaccines or any other type of medicine without consulting with an expert (your vet).

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