Everything about Scottish Fold cats colors

Have you ever wondered what colors can a Scottish Fold have? I know I did. I own a cat from this breed, but, until a while ago, I never knew every color they can come in. That is why, in this article, I’m going to present all the colors of this breed, and even explain them.

Colors available for Scottish Fold cats

  • white
  • blue
  • cream
  • red
  • silver
  • cameo
  • brown
  • chinchilla
  • blue-cream
  • tortoiseshell
  • black
  • others

The Scottish Fold cats can come in many and varied colors like white, blue, cream, red, silver, cameo, brown, chinchilla, blue-cream, tortoiseshell, black etc. They also can have different patterns like a solid color, tortoiseshell, tricolor/calico, bicolor, tabby, ticking, smoke, shaded and spots. Because as you can see, there are a lot of them, I’m not going to explain them all.

Hoping that you made it here and you didn’t quit reading because of the long list, we are going to get to the next topics of the article.

Most popular and preferred color

There is a color that every person sees in front of his eyes when we talk about these cats. And that is blue. You can type this breed on google and blue cats will pop up immediately. That is the color that most people look for in a kitty from this breed as well.

Description of tipped or shaded colors

Many people know that these patterns exist, but very few people know to describe them. That’s why I’m going to do that with the most popular ones from this breed.


A cat with this colored has a white undercoat, with the hair on the flanks being white as well. The head and tail are tipped with black, giving the cat a silvery appearance. On the other hand, parts like tummy, chest, and even chin are white. Pairing this with a green or blue eye color will result in a very beautiful cat.

 Shaded Silver

The shaded silver looks a lot like the chinchilla color, but with more of tipping. That’s why it is darker than the previous color.

Shell Cameo

Next up, we’ve got the shell cameo which also has a white undercoat, just like a chinchilla. Actually, a lot of the colors are similar, just with small differences. On this one specifically, the head and tail are tipped with red. They usually have gold color eyes.

Shaded Cameo

Again, a similar color must be the shaded cameo, which is much darker than the previous one. Still has the same undercoat.


A special and popular cat is the smoked color Fold. The undercoat remains white, and the tipping is the same with the shaded and shell cameo. However, each hair is heavily tipped with color. This color can be either red, blue or even black. That gives the illusion of a solid color when not moving. When it starts moving, the undercoat is revealed. The color of the eyes is golden.

Explanation of the colors


All tabby colors are accepted in this breed.


You probably heard of this color before, as it is pretty popular among cats. For this breed specifically, the cat has patches of black, red and cream. The eyes are still golden, as this is the most popular color in this breed.


A calico Scottish Fold cat has a white coat with patches of both red and black. In order to differentiate this cat, you should look at its belly. The white color should be dominant there.

Dilute Calico

This is basically the previous color, but the red and black patches are diluted, becoming blue and cream. The belly and the eyes color remain the same.


Because we’ve already talked about blue and cream patches, those can also be colors for this breed. The cat has a blue coat with cream patches. You’ve guessed it, the eyes are golden.


Now, we’ve reached the last color we are covering, and also the most interesting one, the bi-color. Those kitties have a white coat with patches of black, blue, red or cream. This is where the odd colored eyes case can appear. That means one eye can be one color and the second one a different color. Also, blue eyes are common with bi-color cats.

The most popular eye color

As you’ve probably figured out, golden eyes are the most popular in Scottish Fold cats. However, there are some exceptions as well. Usually, the eye color will correspond with coat color. Blue-eyed and odd-eyed are the rarest cases, but can appear in white, bi-color and van patters. Orange is a very beautiful, but rare color to be seen in this breed’s eyes.

Superstitions about the cat colors

Whether you believe in those or not, there are some people that are dying to find a new superstition. I’m not saying that the thing I’m about to tell you is not true, but my advice is: don’t count on them. Don’t sleep with the door wide opened just because your black cat provides safety.

It is said that a white cat will attract happiness, purity and positive energy. Although I’m not the type to believe in such things, I really think this is true. Remind me the last time you were sad to see such a beautiful kitty. Exactly, never.

A black cat, as we’ve talked earlier, provides safety and even wards off evil energy. That is exactly the opposite of what most people say. Who would’ve thought that?

And finally, a blue cat could bring safety again, and more than that, academic fortune. No, that doesn’t mean you can go to an exam clueless just because you own such a cat. Bad luck.


To conclude, Scottish Fold cats can come in a lot of colors and patterns, but if you are planning to get one, the single color that you should consider is the color you like the most. In the end, it doesn’t matter how rare it is or what color it does have, you should consider it your child and make sure to take good care of it. What color of Scottish Fold do you own and why did you choose it?

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