Scottish Fold Munchkins – Traits, Size and Lifespan

What you need to know about a munchkin with folded ears

You’d think a Scottish Fold cannot get any cuter. With the round head, big eyes, and chubby body, what more can you add to reach cuteness level 1000!? How about two pairs of short and adorable legs!?

Meet the Scottish Fold Munchkin, a tiny ball of sweetness that forgot to grow in height. But don’t underestimate these short-legged cats because they can run, no doubt. Oh, and climbing is not off-limits either.

scottish fold munchkin

The story of the Scottish Fold Munchkins

Also known as Scottish Kilts, the origin of the breed is easy to guess. Breeders wanted a round and lovable cat with folded ears and the short legs of a Munchkin. And they made it happen.

The Scottish Fold Munchkins are a cross between a Scottish Fold and a Munchkin cat. In order to obtain the ears, the Fold needs to carry the responsible gene. The Munchkin pair though must have straight ears to avoid the health complications of crossing two folds.

The distinctive traits of these two breeds are both caused by a genetic mutation. The Scottish Folds can develop certain health problems if not bred properly because of this mutation. The Munchkin, on the other hand, are quite healthy despite the mutation.  This means that the Scottish Kilts can carry any of the health issues of the parent breeds.

munchkin and scottish fold

How big does a Scottish Fold Munchkin get?

Beside the owl-like look with folded ears and cute short legs, this breed grows up to be a small to medium-sized cat. Not much different than the average domestic cat, the body is moderate in size with a plush fur.

Weight: Males can reach between 3 and 4 kg (6 – 9 pounds). Females are slightly smaller, between 2 and 4 kg (4 – 8 pounds).

You can control the weight through the right diet. Read more about what food and how much should cat eat here.

Height: The average Scottish Kilt fully grown is between 18 and 20 cm tall (7 – inches). A normal cat, by comparison, grows up to be 23 – 25 cm tall (9 – 10 inches).

The Munchkin legs are approximately 7 cm (3 inches) shorter than that of the average cat.

Length: They have bodies of average length and a rectangular shape.  No wonder the Munchkins are referred to as “sausage cats” as well. The body is normally long but with short legs.

This means that they are about 46 cm (18 inches) in length from head to bottom. The tail measures an additional 30 cm (12 inches) more or less.

Sometimes the back legs grow longer than the front ones. This results in your Scottish Fold Munchkin having a rise in the back. The shoulders will be in a lower position.

Lifespan & health of a Scottish Fold Munchkin

A healthy Scottish Kilt can live a good, long life of 11 to 15 years of age. Emphasis on healthy.

Because of their parent-breeds, these little cats can get all the associated health problems. Here’s what this means:

Scottish Folds, because of their gene giving the folded ears, are also prone to other genetic diseases.

Osteodystrophy is a disease common in Scottish Fold caused by the genetic anomaly. As much as we love the tiny ears that we can barely see, the mutation can cause a great deal of suffering for the cat.

The disease can further cause arthritis that affects the bones of the legs. This translated into stiff bones, low mobility, and severe pain.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is another disease that can affect the Folds. Typically, it starts giving signs mid-life, but kittens can also suffer from it. At the same time, some cats can carry it all their lives without symptoms. When sick, your cat could vomit, be tired more often than normal, and lose weight.

The Munchkins, although generally healthy, can suffer from spinal problems. The gene that causes the short legs could also favor lordosis.

Lordosis is characterized by short spinal muscles that cause the spine to curve down. Yet, the disease is not limited to Munchkin cats. Other breeds can suffer from it too.

The short legs gene can be a fatal one and in serious cases, the kitten doesn’t live past 3 months of age.

How to decrease the chances of your Scottish Fold Munchkin getting sick

Breeding. Breeding is of utmost importance to these two ones. Because of the implications, you need to put effort and thought when getting a Scottish Kilt. Choose a breeder carefully, examine the cat, and make sure all the health documents are in order.

The folded ears are basically a deformity. This is why it is important to always breed a straight eared cat with a folded-eared one. If both cats have folded ears, thus carry the gene, you should expect them to get severe arthritis. The pain is crippling and no cat deserves such a life. And all for the charm of their tight curved ears.

Likewise, the Munchkin legs are the result of a fatal gene. To avoid problems, always breed a long-legged cat with a short-legged one.

Finally, if you want to have a healthy Scottish Fold Munchkin cat, you need to control the breeding. One cat should have straight ears and the other folded ones.  Out of these two, one cat should be short-legged and the other long-legged.

Aside from that, it is up to you to keep a healthy cat at home. Nutrition is important, from the quality of the food to the feeding schedule. Do not overfeed them because they are prone to obesity.

Also, as active cats, make sure they have plenty of activity and playing time. Imagine your already short cat dusting the floor with their fat belly.

Scottish Fold Munchkin’s personality traits

scottish fold catThese sweet kitties don’t borrow the genetic problems only. They are adaptable beings that go well in family homes. Children, grandparents, or other pets are welcomed.

They are affectionate and create a strong bond with the caregiver. Caution though, they will ask for your attention and you better have the time and energy for that.

You might think they don’t run or jump too much because of the short legs. Boy, you were wrong! They are energetic, running back and forth for long periods. Jumping is not an issue either. Sure, they don’t jump as high as a normal height cat. But they are ambitious and after 2 or 3 attempts they will get up the counter.

One thing you should watch for is your belongings. The Scottish Kilts are known for grabbing stuff and hiding for later. If you can’t find your watch, it may be in a place that asking around won’t help you find.

Be ready to challenge them with puzzle toys and tricks. They are highly intelligent and they will ask for treats once they learn your ways.

Tall cat or short cat? Ears or no ears? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when shopping for aesthetics. However, we urge you to consider the health aspects when deciding on a Scottish Fold Munchkin.

Also, be realistic about your lifestyle and the kind of environment you will provide. Cats are not trophies and we shouldn’t put appearance first. Breed carefully and adopt thoughtfully!

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