Best Scratching Posts and Pads for your Scottish Fold

The whys and hows of cat scratching

Is your Scottish Fold cat ruining your furniture and with it the entire look of your home!? The approach is of the essence. Get a scratching post or a pad and teach your pet to use it.

Trying to stop cats from scratching is an endless string of trial & errors because they need to do it. Creating a new habit instead could help you hit the jackpot.

Let’s explore the art of scratching!

scratching posts and pads for your cat

Why do cats scratch?

These purring creatures we care for and keep in our homes have a natural urge to scratch. The reason they do it is double folded:

  1. to remove the dead tissues and uncover the newly grown claws
  2. to mark their territory through the glands in the paws

Keeping them from scratching altogether is not a healthy idea. But providing your loved kitty with an outlet for their urge can save you your home’s décor.

#3 best scratching posts for cats

According to Amazon sales, these are the 3 cat posts that people are most content with:

1. Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip – made out of corrugated cardboard and with catnip included.

2. Pioneer Pet SmartCat – made out of sisal, durable, tall and easy to assemble.

3. Catit Scratcher with Catnip – simple and affordable, made out of corrugated cardboard.

What are scratching posts and pads?

A scratching post is a post, usually made of wood and covered in a rough material. It is designed for cats to have a place for their scratching needs. All cat owners face the problem of ruined couches or rugs. Thus, giving your pet a place to exercise their claws and leave their scent will help you as well.

scratching postsWill a scratching post help?

Yes. As long as you get your cat to use it instead of other surfaces in the house. To instate good habits and have a healthy kitty cat, a scratching post can be your best friend.

Aside from keeping claws neat and signaling their ruling over the house, a scratching post helps cats with stretching and exercise also.

Cat’s claws grow continuously much like our fingernails. It is important to have a regular routine of trimming, more so if the cat lives indoors most of the time.

Cats use their front claws mainly for defense and holding a prey. The rear ones are for scratching an itch and climbing.

A cat that lives in a house with outdoor space will climb up trees and wooden fences to trim and sharpen their claws. If you live in an apartment though, you could consider bringing your cat a small wooden stump inside.

How to get your cat to use the scratching post

First of all, give your cat the right scratching post. If they won’t like it, they won’t use it. Therefore, when shopping around for a post or pad, have in mind the following aspects:

  • Height and sturdiness of the post
  • Material that covers the post
  • Post or pad
  • Vertical or horizontal

scratching posts shapes

In order for it to be a good match for your cat, you need to observe their scratching behavior and preferences. No cat is like the other. If your friend’s cat likes to climb up a tree post and scratch on a carpet, yours might want the exact opposite.

  1. Height – the post needs to be tall enough for your cat to be able to stretch. Consider the length of your cat and make sure the height of the post allows for a full stretch.
  2. Sturdiness – if it wobbles, the cat won’t give it a second chance. You need a post that is stable and sustains the weight of your cat. Add to this the fact that it will be playing around, pulling or speeding towards it. The cats will feel unsafe once it falls on them or with them.
  3. Material – most posts and pads come covered in carpet. It is convenient and cheap, but not that good for you. Your cat won’t make a difference between the carpet on the scratching post and those on the floor of your house.


The fabric should shred under their claws. A sturdy material will be most satisfying if they can leave long marks on it and hear the sound of shredding.

Sisal fabric – a heavy-duty material, great for scratching & shredding.

Sisal rope – sturdy and with great resistance in time. Cats, however, prefer the fabric better. The rope wrapped around the post does not allow them to do those long scratching movements.

Cardboard – it is pleasing for cats. Feels good on the paws and the sound is satisfying. But on the long run, cardboard won’t last a day plus you’ll have some cleaning to do.

  1. Vertical or horizontal – tricky this one. Watch your cat’s behavior. Many cats prefer to stretch vertically with their front claws on the scratcher. At the same time, you can find them pulling on carpets on floors.

You can mix & match. Get a vertical tree post with sisal fabric on it and also a pad with cardboard or rope. You can place the pad horizontally near the tall post or in a different place of their liking.

  1. post or padPost or pad – this also depends on your cat’s preferences. Go for the mix & match suggested above.

Now for the fun part – getting your cat to use the post:

  • Place it somewhere central with good access. If the cat bumps into it, sooner or later will befriend it.
  • Consider putting up multiple posts in different parts of the house.
  • Use catnip or treats to lure your cat to the scratcher.
  • Place toys around the post.
  • Make furniture or old scratching places unreachable by placing a post in front of them.
  • Praise your loved cat every time it uses the post by petting them or offering a treat.

#3 best scratching pads for cats

If you’re going for a pad instead or want to buy both, here are the top 3 pads bought on Amazon:

1. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy – circular and small, the pad comes with a ball channel to keep your cat entertained.
2. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge – the name sums it up, high-class scratcher for your spoiled cat.

3. Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip Tiger – this cardboard lounge for your cat comes packed with catnip.

Your research is done, it is time to shop. Word of advice: don’t forget to buy a scratching post for your cat, not for your taste. As appealing as colors and designs are, chances are your cat will use it more.

Now say hello to intact furniture and a happy cat!

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