Best 5 Scottish Fold Toys for Guaranteed engaging Playtime

Congratulations on being the human friend of a Scottish Fold. You are a lucky person to have such a wonderful companion. They are adorable little beings who make our lives so much better. And you are in the right place here, because I am going to present you some of the best Scottish Fold toys.

First of all let’s clarify this: for Scottish Folds toys are not just a caprice, but a necessity. In her original habitat, the cat had many things to care about: mice, trees to climb, other cats to fight, prey to chase, places to discover.

The domesticated cat finds itself in a more constrained environment where her needs are not naturally met.

Think of it like that: a cat lives 15 or more years doing the same thing over and over again, every single day. Isn’t that cruel boredom?

Types of toys

But your Scottish Fold does not have to be bored all the time. Many toys have been designed to meet the fold’s needs: physical and mental exercise. Actually, play can be seen as the best chasing activity the indoor cat can have.

Even though there are plenty of cat toys on the market, we can split them into the following main categories:

  • Catnip toys: they are simple toys, made of plush or other material and stuffed with catnip. The smell makes them go „crazy” and full of energy, and it keeps them interested for a pretty long time.
  • Mice, balls, sticks with a feather attached on top: the movement of the little toy stirs up the hunting instinct in cats. You can either hang them by the door or you can use them to interact with your cat.
  • Wand toys and lasers: they are great for good bonding between you and the cat. They are definitely recommended for interactive play, and you should not miss this daily special time together. My advice is not to insist with these. From my personal experience, cats get pretty scared by lasers and can develop a “Frightened” behavior
  • Puzzles: in different forms, they combine treats with play. They are a great experience and they exercise the cat’s mind and curiosity, with the help of positive reinforcement. The kibbles represent the prey and the cat has to find out ways in which she/he can get that prey. The puzzle work even for overweight cats: you can put their meal in the puzzle. They will eat slower and will enjoy also the action.
  • Electronic toys: all of the above, but the cat feels like playing with another being. They are immediately detecting any movement, so these toys can be very interesting.
  • Cat trees, tunnels, scratch poles: they allow the cat to act naturally and exercise, climb, hide or simply take a rest “upstairs”.
  • Cat water fountains: some cats are very interested in playing with the water. Mine used to wake me up in the middle of the night just to open the tub. So this fountain was the perfect solution for her! The fountains come in different forms and have also the functional benefit of good hydration of the cat.

How to play with a Scottish Fold

Your cat needs your attention in order to be happy. Scottish Folds are very affectionate and they love interacting with their humans. That is good news for you because you can do a lot of things together: brushing, petting or playing with different toys.

It is very important that the “together moments” become a ritual in your life and you include them in your daily schedule. I would recommend up to 30 minutes of interactive play. This is not only fun for the cat, but it will also help your relationship grow. And it will help you relax a lot after a crazy day at work.

Also, I would recommend that you try to vary the toys and introduce something new from time to time. The cat will immediately take note of the novelty and will show increasing interest and mood for play. Put the toys away once the play is done, so she does not lose interest in the objects.

Toys to avoid

When you choose the toys, there are some mandatory things to take into consideration.

Be very careful with yarn and strings around the house. The image of the cat playing with the yarn may seem genuine and cute. But the truth is that strings (yarns, sewing thread, rope toys, and tinsel) are very dangerous. Once swallowed, they can do a lot of internal damage.

You must also avoid feather and toys with small removable parts. They can easily be swallowed by your cat and the damage can be really difficult and lead to surgeries or worse. If you have these toys, use them while playing together and then put them in a safe place.

Like I said above, lasers can affect your cat behavior if you overdo it. Keep the usage of these lasers to a minimum level. This is not a proven fact, but when I bought a laser to play with my cat I played for a few hours with her. The laser had a mice projection and I think this contributed to the fearful behavior that the cat had for a couple of days after.

Most interesting 5 toys for a Scottish Fold

I made a selection of the most interesting toys for your Scottish Fold. As I said earlier, you can have more types of toys. Actually the more, the happier the cat.

1. Tracks Tower with balls (link to

ball cat toy

This toy will make your cat start chasing and never stop. This is my FAVOURITE toy along with the laser toy but that’s making the cat a bit too active sometimes.

I received this toy from one of my friends and I said, “Yeah, I don’t think this will work” and my cat is VERY lazy. But it seems that those balls are doing wonders!

It is perfect if your Scottish Fold is a little bit lazy. There isn’t any cat in the world that could resist the movement and the possibility to hunt!

My recommendation is to keep this toy away sometimes so your Scottish fold cat doesn’t get bored.

2. Kitty Cat Tunnel (link to

kitty cat tunnel toyThis kind of toy is a must for your Scottish Fold. It has multiple uses and the cats really like it. First of all, it is a fun maze. The cat will go in, take her head out in the middle to check things outside, and then continue towards the end of the tunnel. If there are more cats in the household, they will love chasing each other.

It is a perfect way for the cat to exercise and run around without being bored. They can also hide, rest and stay away from the world for as long as they need. The tunnel is collapsible, so you can put it away if you need to.

3. Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Cat Toy (link to

automatic rotating lasersThis is a toy that can give you a bit of time out. Once you start it, the light is turned on and it starts rotating. Your cat will enter the play mode and it will not stop until you turn it off. If your cat needs to lose weight, this is a really good toy.

4. Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder (link to

scottish fold maze toyThis is one of my favorite toys. I love it not only because it gives some occupation to my cat, but it makes her exercise the mind and solve puzzles. It is absolutely amazing watching the cat while playing with the puzzle, so relaxing and funny!

It also has different levels of difficulty, so once the cat has learned a trick, you can explore even more. It works with treats, catnips or toys. It is also recommended when the cat needs to lose weight.

5. Cat Scratching Post (link to

scratching postsYou must have a simple scratching pole or a cat tree in your house unless you want the cat to sharpen its claws on the furniture. Combined with a hanging toy, the pole can have different roles. Go to this link to read more about scratching posts and see all our recommendations.


I wish you and your furry friend a nice bonding time while playing. Do keep me posted. And I would love to hear if you have any recommendations for toys that work best for your Scottish Fold.

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